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Angela Koltes

Director of Administration for Adana Deaf Center

Ms. Koltes has worked as a Project Manager with Anything For A Smile for ten years.  

As school director of the Adana Deaf Center, Ms. Koltes works with both teachers and students, and serves as a Turkish Sign Language translator at the center. (There is a lack of sign language interpretors in Turkey, and thus she plays a vital role in facilitating communications between deaf students and adults, parents, school personnel, and government officials.)

She is one of the primary artists and manager of the Coloring the World project. In addition, she has been involved in a variety of community and social projects in children’shospitals, rehabilitation centers, orphanages, and schools for the handicapped.

She presently resides in Adana, Turkey where she has been living for the past 10 years.She has a degree in Psychology.


Email:  aed.melek@gmail.com



Basri Yıldız

Board of Directors

Basri is presently the GM of GEMA OIL, Adana.  He brings to AFAS 15 years of experience in business management, administration, and marketing.

He helped to found the Adana Deaf Center.  He currently resides in Adana, Turkey.


Email: basriyildiz@yahoo.com







Burcu Pişkin

Sign Language Program Director

Burcu ıs a graduate of Anadolu University. She has been teachingTurkishSign Language at our Adana Deaf Center for three years. Burcu also provides training and guidance for our other sign language teachers. At the Adana Deaf Center, we only hire the deaf to teach sign language as that is their mother tongue, and we believe they are the best teachers of sign language.








Donna Rose Scott

President Emeritus

Mrs. Scott has over 30 years of experience in the education and project development sector. She is one of the founders of Anything For A Smile and served as president of the association from 2008 to 2016

She has had 20 years of practical know-how and training in strategic human resource development, coaching, administration and management, independent research on teaching strategies, curriculum development, school polices and educational programs. She continues to provide leadership and guidance to the Board of Directors of AFAS.

She and her husband, John Scott, have organized a variety of community and educational projects in Istanbul, Gölcük, Düzce, the GAP region, Adana, and other parts of Turkey, since 1997, in partnership with TEGV, GAP Social Ministry, and the EU Youth Department. She presently resides in Adana, Turkey where she has been living for the past 12 years.

Email: donnarosescott@gmail.com



Dr. Can Eren

Founding Member

Dr. Can previously worked with the Adana street children’s association before joining the Anything For A Smile team. He was instrumental in setting up the association in 2006 and continues to be a vital part of the Association, finding local sponsors and promoting AFAS. 


Email: canmustafaeren@gmail.com






Duygu Özcan

Adana Children’s and Social Projects Coordinator


Duygu Özcan, a graduate of Çukurova University, has volunteered with Anything For A Smile for seven years. She also worked as an EVS volunteer in Romania. She manages the active Güldür Gül volunteer group, which conduct a variety of social programs each month. You can view the Güldür Gül Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/339374416174210/







Ece Kaya

Ankara Project Coordinator

Ece Kaya, a graduate of Çukurova University, has volunteered with Anything for a Smile for over five years. She presently resides in Ankara. She was a regular participant in our “JoyTherapy” programs for children with leukemia. She is a graduate of our 1st level Turkish Sign Language course in Adana and has gone on to become a certified sign language interpreter for the deaf.

Ece presently resides in Ankara and organizes volunteer activities in her free time.







Harun Kaplan

Founding Member, Board of Directors

Harun Kaplan resides in Adana and is the Chief Accountant for Kaplan Rulman.

Harun has a long history of volunteering with several of Turkey’s largest foundations: TEGV (Education Volunteers of Turkey) and LÖSEV (Foundation for Children with leukemia). From 2005, he has been a volunteer team manager for Anything for A Smile. He and his wife Sevilay helped run the “Music, Art and Joy Therapy”at Çukurova University Balcalı Hospital Hematology ve Oncology wards from 2005-2009.


Email: harunkaplan@gmail.com






Ingeborg Koltes

Founding Member of Anything for A Smile

Ingeborg Koltes brings thirty years of experience in the project development sector while working in South East Asia and Europe.

She is one of the primary artists and manager of the Coloring the World project, a team which has painted child-friendly wall murals for over 80 children’s hospital wards and schools throughout Turkey.









John Scott

Founding Member, Board of Directors, Co-Director of Adana Deaf Center

John has worked in the field of Education and Social Development for the past 35 years, in Europe, Indonesia, Jordan, and Turkey. His work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures has given him a wealth of training in human resource development. The knowledge he acquired working in different countries and projects has given him a diverse array of skills needed for the smooth running of a “for purpose” organization working in a challenging environment.  

As executive director of the Adana Deaf Center, he manages the overall daily operations of the center. He also serves as primary liaison with various donors, government and public departments. He began his work with the Deaf in 2009, when AFAS began to undertake projects to benefit the Deaf Community.   

He presently resides with his family in Adana, Turkey, where he has been living for the past 10 years.

Email : johnscott.afas@gmail.com

Email : hsbgid@gmail.com




Murat Apaydın

Board of Directors

Murat Apaydın is a graduate of Çukurova University's English Language Teaching Department. He has been volunteering with and working for our association since the beginning of 2008 till this day. During his first 3 years with us, he volunteered and was a valuable help in our "Joy Therapy" program, designed for children with leukemia, at Adana's Balcalı Hospital. Murat worked at our government sponsored Deaf Center between 2012 and 2015 and handled the legal paper work required by the Ministry of Development. He will be doing his Masters Degree in Europe in September of 2016. 

Email: muratap01@yahoo.com







Necmi Turgut

European Union Projects Supervisor

Necmi is from Adana, a graduate of Çukurova University Engineering Department, and currently studying for his Master’s in Industrial Engineering.

He brings 5 years of experience in social developmentworkwith HSBGI, and 2 years of workwith EU Youth in Action programs and training seminars.  He works part time for AFAS, and manages HSBGI Dernek’s European Union projects.


Email:   necmi.turgut@gmail.com






Talal Tamerkhan

Refugee Projects Coordinator

Talal Tamerkhan
Talal is from Damascus and is a student at Çukurova University in the Civil Engineering Department. He has been living in Turkey since 2013. Talal speaks English, Turkish and Arabic and has been a great asset to our program with the many refugees in the region. He manages the Safe Haven Refugee Program, which focuses on widows, orphans and refugees in dire circumstances.


Email:   talalov92@gmail.com



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